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Need an Umbrella?

For those individuals and organizations in need, the MAC can serve as your not-for-profit 501(c)(3) umbrella organization. We provide this service for one-time projects or continuing programming. MAC currently serves as the 501(c)(3) for the following organizations:

Serving as your umbrella 501(c)(3) requires:

  • that your project/organization matches the goals and mission of the MAC

  • that there be trust and accuracy in reporting finances. We ARE the fiscal agent for your project and have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure proper accounting. Otherwise, our 501(c)(3) status is at risk!

  • that we charge a nominal fee for our services. This fee is covers basic expenses for drafting a cover letter to the organization(s) you are applying to for grants, copying 501(c)(3) papers, receiving and issuing checks, actual accounting or viewing yours, and eventually paying for an annual audit (some granting institutions require audited financial statements from the grantees). The MAC has not had to perform this yet. Once we do, we must then do it annually.

To apply please draft a letter to the Moab Arts Council stating the following: 

  • the name and purpose of your organization

  • a project/program description

  • a proposed budget and/or fundraising goal

  • the names of the institution(s) that you are applying for funding to

NOTE: There are granting institutions that only allow for one annual grant per institution. If another one of our umbrella organizations has already applied to one on your list, the MAC will not be able to receive funds from them for you as we are viewed as the grantee. 

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