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Community Arts Grant

The City of Moab has an annual art allocation to fund arts programs within the city that benefit community members. Since 2002, MAC has been administering this program for the city. We do this through a process of grant announcement, application, review and recommendations by a MAC grant committee, and finally, selection and approval by the city council. The grant committee is made up of people representing the MAC board, Moab City Council and the general public. This recommendation is given to MAC Board for final selection approval.

Those receiving MAC support in 2018 included:

  • Moab Community Dance Band to bring Dave Firestein (musician) to workshop with the band.

  • Moab Music Festival for the third annual Winterlude, with student string workshops and concerts with the Fry Street Quartet.

  • Moab Artist Studio Tour for marketing & opening weekend reception.

  • Moab Valley Multicultural Center for "Dialogues of Diversity: Multicultural Stories of Strength", a storytelling event featuring true stories that celebrate Moab’s diverse community.

  • Moab Arts Festival for the Kids Art Tent at the May 2018 Festival.

  • KZMU Community Radio to produce “Beautiful Radiant Things”, the story of the anarchist Emma Goldman’s 50th birthday in prison, where she served time for speaking out against the draft during World War I. Written and composed by Marty Durlin.

  • Moss, Inc. for highlighting artists in Moab in order to bring Moab’s professional art culture to the forefront.

  • Underfoot Murals for creating murals at our feet on area sidewalks.

The Moab Arts Council and the City of Moab appreciate the valuable programs and services of the organizations and individuals whose work enriches our community. We diligently strive to create an environment where grant applications are judged on elements of fairness, diversity and community need. Please pay attention to project description and budget detail when you submit your application and make sure you can fulfill all grant requirements.

MAC grants are generally granted in the amounts of $500-$1000, so please plan accordingly.

Grant applications go live in October every year.

Applications Now Closed
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