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  • Do I need to be a resident of Moab to apply for the Community Arts Grant?
    You do not have to be a Moab/Grand County resident to apply for the Community Arts Grant, but local applications take priority. If you are from out of town and would like to do a community arts project in Moab, we suggest partnering with a local artist/organization.
  • How do I apply to be on the board?
    Email a letter of interest to: and we will let you know about board elections and openings.
  • Where does funding for the MAC come from?
    The Community Arts Grant is funded by the City of Moab and independent grants. The MAC operates on a small budget that is grant funded for the remainder of its programming.
  • How can I get involved with the arts in Moab?
    Email us! There are art opportunities abound in our community and we love connecting people to projects and supporting those projects.
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